Recycle and sleep sustainably!

The principle ? Recycle your old ARTHUR pajamas and get a 10% discount on the new one!

Sleep Sustainable is our initiative in partnership with Give Back to encourage our customers to sort and recycle the pajamas they no longer wear! In place on since 2021, we conducted an in-store test campaign last September. With more than 108 kg harvested in just 10 days, the equivalent of 3 tonnes of CO2 avoided, we have decided to install this initiative throughout the year in our 40 stores in France.

Do you have an ARTHUR store near you? Sort and collect AR THUR pajama(s) that you no longer wear, regardless of their condition. Drop them in the store in a closed bag and immediately choose your new pajamas. The list of our stores is available here . Small clarification, multi-brand stores or department store corners do not participate in this initiative.

Don't have a store near you? Find a collection point, enter your email and validate your deposit by uploading a photo of your donation taken in front of the collection point, via the link you will have received by email. Once your photo has been validated, your -10% code will be sent to you within 24 hours.

My pyjamas, what are you going to do with them? Good question ! The collected pajamas will be, thanks to Ecotextile, depending on their condition, given back, recovered in energy or recycled in raw material, in particular for the manufacture of sound insulation panels.

>> Awesome! I participate !