The Book - The story of underpants & pajamas

Right side up, upside down? No, we are not dreaming. ARTHUR is releasing two books in one on boxer shorts and pajamas, his creative playgrounds since 1983.

ARTHUR is a beautiful story that has lasted for 40 years. Far from us wanting to write our memories, we are still far too young for that. We rather had fun retracing between night and day, the history of pajamas and telling the story behind the history of underpants: historical research, advertising archives, cinematographic references... Immerse yourself in these fascinating worlds through the pages.

Pajamas - A story between night and days

From the distant past of antiquity to its peak in the 21st century, delve into the origins and evolution of nightwear. Explore the whimsical escapes of pajamas in the 20th century and discover their iconic role in fashion and culture.

The boxer shorts - The underside of the story

From the first attempts to conceal nudity in antiquity to the stylistic revolutions of the 21st century, follow the evolution of boxer shorts through the centuries, diving into the history of men's underwear.

ARTHUR invites you to rediscover these emblematic pieces of our daily wardrobe and to immerse yourself in exciting worlds between night and day.

This 2-in-1 work promises a journey through time and space in the timeless world of underwear and pajamas, signed ARTHUR.

I discover

Pyjamas :

From antiquity to modern times the origins of nightwear

18th & 19th centuries: Pajamas that come from far away

20th century: The whimsical escapes of pajamas

21st century: Glory & heyday of pajamas

2. Anatomy of pajamas

Boxer shorts:

Antiquity from the Garden of Eden to the ancient world: hiding nudity

Middle Ages: Between functionality and morality

16th and 17th centuries extravagant renaissance

18th century: revolutions of all kinds

19th century between dandyism and hygienism

First half of the 20th century Rise of modern underwear

Second half of the 20th century: Consecration

21st century: The adventure continues…