How to wrap your gifts with our Furoshikis?

Tired of traditional gift wrapping? Opt for furoshiki!

With Au Bout Des Rouleaux , we give a second life to our fabric scraps by imagining new limited edition upcycled accessories. This season, we launched our very first range of upcycled underwear and for Christmas, we created Furoshikis .

Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese technique of using a square of fabric to wrap gifts. It is an integral part of Japanese culture and is increasingly adopted around the world for its ecological and environmentally friendly aspect. No more single-use wrapping paper!

How to fold your Furoshikis?

1. Start by laying your fabric flat on a flat surface with the printed side down and place the object in the center of the fabric square. 2. Take a corner of fabric and bring it over the object. Bring the corner opposite the one you just took and fold it into a triangle.


3. Take the two remaining corners and bring them to the center to tie them together. Adjust the corners of your gift package for a cleaner look. And there you have it, your gift is beautifully wrapped! Little extra: Add decoration such as dried leaves or a fir twig to personalize your gift.

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