It's clear

In almost 40 years of existence, ARTHUR's philosophy is to move forward slowly but surely.
Do the best we can, without sacrificing our values by always aiming for the best, for you!

The choice of comfortable materials

Our boxer shorts and almost all of our pajamas are made of cotton from organic farming. We favor cotton weights around 160gr/200gr for better hold and comfort.

Lyocell is also a reference material for our pajamas. Halfway between cotton and silk, it is obtained from eucalyptus wood pulp. We appreciate its great softness, lightness and fluidity. Another essential material is "Pilou Pilou", this mythical cotton flannel for winter pajamas! We particularly adore Le Pilou des Vosges for its authenticity and French know-how for more than a century.

In summer, our swim shorts are mainly made of polyester made from recycled plastics. And, beyond the choice of material, we like to work with historic French workshops for the manufacture of the majority of our socks and slippers.

A confection with (very) long-standing partners

We entrust our models designed in France by our stylists to manufacturers carefully chosen for their know-how.

Our suppliers and manufacturers know our requirements and our standards at their fingertips and we have been working with the same partner workshops for decades, between Portugal, India and the Mediterranean Basin. We like to work with historic French workshops for the manufacture of a large part of our socks and slippers.

We have been able to surround ourselves with unparalleled know-how, rich in our years of existence where the love of beautiful things plays an essential role: it is our pride.

Discover our story

Aller encore plus loin ?

Depuis plusieurs années, nous faisons des efforts : pas de surstockage, nombre de références limité, coton issu de l'agriculture biologique... Nous avons mis en place l'initiative Recyclez avec ARTHUR pour inviter notre clientèle au recyclage textile et nous sommes également en pleine réflexion sur la réduction de nos emballages, l'amélioration de notre bilan carbone, l'optimisation énergétique de nos boutiques...

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