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Wrap yourself in our ARTHUR women's dressing gowns. Short or long kimono version for summer, or classic version with good coverage for winter, opt for a plain or printed model, in cotton, fluff or fleece. You will love staying at home!

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Wrap yourself in our ARTHUR women's dressing gowns. Short or long kimono version for the summer, or classic version with good coverage for the winter, choose a plain or printed model, in cotton, pilou or polar. You'll love staying at home!

Synonymous with comfort and well-being when you wake up, before bed or when you get out of the bath, a woman's dressing gown envelops you as if in a delicate cocoon. Find your top quality women's dressing gowns at ARTHUR.


Quality has always been at the heart of the design process for all ARTHUR products. This principle, which has been important to us since our launch in 1983, is particularly true of our collection of women's dressing gowns. They are central pieces for your daily comfort. Whether you are waking up in the morning, strolling around the house in the evening or getting out of the bath, these gowns are extremely soft.

To meet your requirements, our teams favour quality materials. Even when worn all day, our women's dressing gowns allow the skin to breathe. In winter, they keep you perfectly warm during your cocooning days.

And they are perfectly resistant to frequent washing if you follow the instructions on the label. The colour does not fade and the fibre remains soft and supple over time. In short, make a safe and profitable investment in these quality pieces from ARTHUR.


A little clarification between the bathrobe and the dressing gown. The bathrobe is more dedicated to getting out of the bath. At ARTHUR, it takes the form of a maxi night-shirt, open at the front. Made of cotton, it has an optimal absorption capacity. As cotton allows the skin to breathe, this piece is a must-have when getting out of the bath.

Women's dressing gowns, on the other hand, are more than just loungewear.  The cut is different, as is the material. The classic model is made from a fleece, the softness is incredible. This dressing gown makes all the difference in winter. With its belt and patch pockets, it is a real ally for snuggling up warmly. The long, close-fitting cut makes it a kind of jacket, comfortable and stylish. Tie the belt and you can easily go about your daily business. Our designers also offer other cuts, such as short and long kimonos, which are very popular in summer.

In any case, the bathrobe and dressing gown are available at ARTHUR. Choose from soft and feminine colours. Hard to choose? Why not take both ?