ARTHUR has good press

Since its beginnings 40 years ago, ARTHUR has charmed lovers of underwear and pajamas with a fancy style and incomparable comfort. Beyond its popularity with its customers, ARTHUR has also won over the press. Retrospective of the most memorable publications!

The founders gave everything by daring to appear in the press in their underwear...

On the left, article published in 1985 in “Le Journal Entreprendre”. On the right, article published in 1985 in “Libération”.

On the left, article published in 1985 in “Elle et Eux” . On the right, article published in 1985 in "IL".

On the left, article published in 1986 . On the right, article published in 1986 in Le Figaro.

...their faces even appeared in the scandalous Playboy magazine!

Article published in 1985 in Playboy.

Offering underwear to a minister? We did it !

In 1985, ARTHUR presented Jack Lang with blue, white & red boxer shorts during the presentation of the advertising grand prize from the school of marketing and advertising.

Photo of an article published September 1985 in the monthly GAP, textile trade magazine.

In the 90s, “recovery of gourds” was in the news!

Before the eco-responsible initiatives, ARTHUR already offered to recover old underwear. Legend has it that a man even undressed in store to take advantage of the offer without further delay... The saleswoman still remembers it! Today, this initiative is called “ Sleep Sustainable ”.

Article published in 1999 in Boutiques.

BOLDNESS! This is what propelled ARTHUR to the rank of an essential brand in the 80s. Offering fancy underwear when everyone else is offering blue, black or white briefs, it obviously stands out! Show up on Parisian bus shelters , even more! Today, ARTHUR is 40 years old... Fantasy, quality, audacity, comfort, joie de vivre and Teddy have made us successful. We still have beautiful nights ahead of us!