Abribuzz : our best advertisings

The underside of a resounding success

40 years ago the media landscape was very different... Displaying yourself on Morris columns or bus shelters was enough to get noticed, which we did not fail to do! A few advertising gags later, ARTHUR was on all French buttocks.

For the little anecdote: Arthur, the famous French presenter chose his stage name after seeing one of our posters at the metro exit.

“My ARTHUR is the most beautiful”, the very first ARTHUR advertising campaign in 1984, only one year after the creation of the brand.

Following the success of our first campaign, we launched an advertising poster campaign: “My ARTHUR and me”. Here, two posters released in the 80s on the walls of Paris.

In 1985, we dared to wish all dads a "good butt " before praising in 1986 "The elegant man's cyclist".

The English humor and French quality of our socks were displayed throughout Paris in 1994.

Then, at the beginning of the 2000s, we revealed the secret of ultimate comfort by highlighting our boxer shorts with jockstraps.

BOLDNESS! This is what propelled ARTHUR to the rank of an essential brand in the 80s. Offering fancy underwear when everyone else is offering blue, black or white briefs, it obviously stands out! Today, ARTHUR is 40 years old... Fantasy, quality, audacity, comfort, joie de vivre and Teddy have made us successful. We still have beautiful nights ahead of us!