A word from our stylist on the Winter 2020 collection

Anne Gillet, Arthur's style director for more than 20 years, tells us how our winter 2020-2021 collection was born, through a light style review.

Very soflty

This is the paradox of today's society. A world where everything goes fast, where you have to be aware of the latest trends to stay up to date, where the adage of "working more" seems to be a marker of social success. But a world where it is also fashionable to rest and take time for yourself. To stroll and take your time, even if it means doing nothing. In any case, this is shown by the current popularity of the sloth, the totem animal of slowness, represented in all its forms on many and many everyday objects.

Arthur therefore seizes this trend through two symbols. The sloth itself, which clings limply to the loop of the capital R of the expression "In Slow Motion" - the animal advances 20 times slower than the human being; and the 2CV, an emblematic model of the French automobile industry that does not exceed 65 km/h in its original version.

What inspired us the slogan: Slowly in the morning, not too fast in the evening. A color range that is still a bit summery with orange and turquoise combined with mottled grey.

Ahead of the start of the school year

The classic and chic college style treated with humor: the "polytechnician" and the "early bed" major in a range of simple and effective colors to echo the great Anglo-Saxon schools on a burgundy/navy/sky base with a touch of fuchsia and royal blue to energize everything.

airs of freedom

In the heart of autumn with amber colors. We stay in England with a dog "sherlock" and a whiskey atmosphere by the fire with a "heart bed"

And we go on a weekend in the countryside where we find our "ECOLO" design. Fifteen years ago, Arthur released this men's collection in the form of an appeal to nature. In 2020, Arthur is reissuing this collection in cotton and fleece versions.

Our Teddy Bear ready to
face the cold

The middle of winter, our favorite season where we find our very French TEDDY BEAR in a sweater and a mountaineer.

The Teddy is trendy! In recent months, many ready-to-wear brands have taken over the image of the famous teddy bear to make it a selling point. Christian Dior, Ralph Lauren, Max Mara... the list goes on. At Arthur's (which comes from the Celtic artos, literally "king of the bears"), we didn't jump on the bandwagon. We are pioneers: for more than thirty years, we have been placing the Teddy on our clothes without interruption, to the point of having made it one of our trademarks.

On track !

The height of winter is also the season for patterns linked to the mountains where winter is sublimated, and large Scottish checks reminiscent of the plaids of Savoyard chalets and CHRISTMAS of course!

In the Anglo-Saxon world, the Christmas sweater (in English “ugly sweater”) has established itself as an inevitable annual family tradition when the holiday season arrives. In France, the look is still in its infancy. At Arthur, we have always liked to draw on the elegant traits of our English-speaking neighbors to translate them into our products. The brand is therefore launching several winter collections of pajamas, available for men, women and children, to bring the whole family together around the Christmas tree and in the same style in the form of an ode to snowy landscapes.

Arthur and his bride

Originally, Arthur was a brand dedicated to men, and only to them. Quickly, women were also entitled to their collections, with differentiated patterns. From now on, in a logic of gender harmonization, we have decided to duplicate the prints and screen prints, so that men and women can draw from a common catalog, where only the cut, sizes and color change. With, always, the touch of humor that we try to distill when imagining our products.

A touch of innovation

Since its inception, the Club boxer, Arthur's signature, has stood out for its combination of style, comfort and support. Thanks to its interior suspension, it can withstand all situations without disturbing its wearer. With his “new boxers”, Arthur adapts the Club's original suspension at the time, by equipping these innovative underwear with anti-friction nets, for an even more marked support on a daily basis.