Telecommuting in pajamas, why not?

In 2020, with the covid health crisis and the resulting confinement, teleworking has developed considerably in France. For millions of employees forced to work from home, it has temporarily become the new normal, the new way of life. And this still holds true in many companies! At home, if the days are sometimes dotted with meetings by videoconference where it can be important to show up in work clothes, why not try teleworking in pajamas for the rest of the time?

Two birds with one stone

Work clothes are classy, ​​but they're not the kind of clothes you'd normally wear at home. Whether it's the suit or the tight shirts, accompanied by buttoned jackets and belts adjusted to the millimeter... Suffice to say that business as usual is not the best friend of optimal freedom of movement, whether in the office, at home or simply in everyday life. So, now that working from home gives you the opportunity to temporarily abandon these imperatives, we no longer see what is holding you back from adopting men's homewear in front of your desk at home. You won't say no to kill two birds with one stone: be serious AND comfortable at the same time by opting for teleworking in pajamas! What could be better than staying at home all day, dressed in a dress shirt and working comfortably, without constraint?

In pajamas all day

It is now established that spending the day in pajamas has become a common practice in France. This is even the case for 9 out of 10 people, according to a recent study by London researchers! If, at the time, the Covid-19 and the overhaul of work habits had not yet been there, there is no doubt that this figure is the translation of a new general reality and a way of life which becomes a habit. And we can see that the covid crisis is having a great impact on work in general, having increased the list of teleworkers.

To help you adopt teleworking in pajamas serenely and comfortably, Arthur offers you its range of long men's pajamas for parents that will go perfectly with your new "work, sleep" rhythm and will allow you a few hitches to the usual dress code. Without, however, that you feel guilty of anything! And if you're not too pajamas during the day, Arthur also offers you comfortable daytime outfits, which will also make you feel at home while working.

pajamas for kids

In the same context, we also offer children's clothing to dress your little ones comfortably during confinement. Your children will be able to dress in jogging or children's pajamas according to their convenience, while you will telework in pajamas in complete convenience. Our products are designed in a reliable and comfortable material, with no effect or risk of allergens and itching.

Quality pajamas for teleworking

Arthur pajamas are made in France, meeting all the quality requirements in force. This allows parents to telework in pajamas in the best conditions, and children to experience confinement with ease. From a medical perspective, working from home in your pajamas can be detrimental to mental health. On the other hand, our models allow you to optimize productivity. In addition, you have the option of choosing a trendy set of family pajamas for a day or a whole week.

Staying in pajamas during working hours: the benefits!

Researchers recently carried out a study showing that working from home can promote depression and deteriorate the mental health of employees. It is with this in mind that Arthur has decided to offer clothing and pajamas that can reduce the effect of confinement and allow employees to improve productivity. Our clothes are designed to allow teleworkers to dress comfortably at home, whether in the bedroom or on the terrace. Especially since our very trendy patterns are specially designed to cheer you up and help you work efficiently at home, without the risk of falling into depression. We have a whole idea of ​​available clothing suitable for teleworking, especially if you have to make a videoconference call.

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