How to choose your pajamas for perfect nights?

The choice of Pajamas is crucial if you want to have a peaceful night's sleep. In France, a study has confirmed that wearing this garment predisposes the body as well as the mind to relaxation and rest. Choosing the right pajamas is not easy, whether for an adult or a child. It's a whole art that you have to know how to master.

Whether it's the cut, the material, the season, the price or the pattern, it's about her night outfit like the most elegant garment in your wardrobe, it's all about having flair and choosing the right one. which suits you best. So here are some tips for you to better know the main lines of the choice of your pajamas to spend ideal nights.

Choose your cut well

Rather long or short? Up to you ! The choice of your pajama cut is essential. Indeed, depending on the season or according to your desires, you will not opt ​​for the same model. At Arthur, that's good, you have the choice.

If you like to sleep light, our pajamas should please you. Usually made up of a short-sleeved T-shirt and shorts, they allow you to feel free to move around while offering you a freshness that contrasts with the duvet that covers you every night.

Especially for women, the type of sexy pajamas was born to bring more peppers in the life of those who appreciate seduction. There is a wide range of models: babydoll with briefs, camisole and shorts, camisole with briefs, bra with briefs and shorts...

For these sexy pieces, Arthur favors silk, cotton and satin fabrics. With their soft and silky texture, they enhance the glamorous side of the outfit while remaining comfortable.

Long cut pajamas

On the other hand, our long cut pajamas are divided into several categories: modern or more classic, in particular with the tops with grandfather shirt collars, which bridge the gap between retro and contemporary. From there, you are free to choose the model that suits you! In France and also many other countries, it has become the trendy interior garment of the moment.

In the men's pajamas category, the choices vary between several models:

  • the classic men's pajama style: combination of long-sleeved shirt and loose trousers, often checkered or striped;
  • modern men's pajama style: combination of long or short-sleeved T-shirt with wide pants;
  • the onesie that sticks out the feet;
  • the velvet version.

In the women's pajamas category, the first choice is the traditional long-sleeved pajamas or nightgown. Being the most comfortable of all, it is the must have that everyone must have in their dressing room. Moreover, according to individual preference, the top can also be modified: T-shirt, strappy top, top.

In the children's pajamas category, our advice on how to choose pajamas differs according to the age of the child. For a baby a few months old, pajamas with covered feet are the most appropriate to provide comfort and warmth. It can be one piece or 2 pieces. For older children, the style evolves into a long-sleeved shirt or t-shirt with pants. For those who like them, there are also children's pajamas in the shape of a jumpsuit, with or without a hood and which can be inspired by various animals such as rabbits, tigers, koalas...

More covering, these long pajamas are more suitable for winter. They help the body to retain heat and therefore to avoid insomnia attacks due to the cold.

The material, for more or less warm nights

Flannel, cotton, silk, satin, fleece, velvet, there are many materials with which pajamas can be designed. However, to ensure a good night's sleep, it is important to choose the right fabric for the season.

Being too hot or too cold in bed with your pajamas on is annoying. Therefore, to avoid this inconvenience, here are the tips that you can apply.

In winter, nothing like, for example, the pilou des Vosges . In brushed cotton, this French material is soft, cozy and comfortable, and it brings warmth night and day. Flannel and cotton can also be suitable for this period. They are certainly not very hot, but under a soft duvet, they will keep the heat on your skin.

In summer, organic cotton or lyocell will be more suitable: lighter, these materials are versatile and easy to maintain.

An exceptional material, silk adapts to both winter and summer. When your temperature warms up, it cools your body and when the temperature drops, it warms it up.

Classic or quirky: the pattern in value

Beyond the cut and material, your pajamas should also reflect your personality. We have therefore imagined models that suit everyone. At Arthur, you will find everything: plain colors as well as quirky and original patterns that you won't find anywhere else, and models designed for more classic minds.

In the men's pajama category, checkered patterns and stripes are very classic, but still trendy. You are a fan of vintage style, these patterns will surely fulfill your desires. Moreover, if you are more of a neutral style, you are free to choose a plain tone. Know that for men, the pajamas today represent much more than a simple sleepwear. Very comfortable and dressy, it is part of the homewear type of clothing (interior clothing) that can be worn both at night and during the day.

For women, they can choose between sexy plain tone outfits or more correct ones with or without patterns.

For your child, Arthur has a wide choice of indoor clothing with trendy patterns: animals, nature, cartoons...

In any case, elegance is the watchword of our pajamas for adults and children. They are designed for the whole family. You can even, if you wish, combine the patterns so that young and old sleep with identical patterns. A way like any other to have a smile day and night, and to enjoy good times together with humor.

At Arthur, men's, women's and children's pajamas are available from size XS to size XXL. As for the prices, they vary according to the size and the color of the article. Remember that for any purchase price above 90 euros, Arthur offers delivery throughout mainland France and 22 other countries abroad.