What to choose between briefs, boxers and underpants?

Boxer, underpants or underpants? If, for some men, the question is simple, for others, it is a difficult choice. Should freedom of movement be maintained or the opposite? A short, tight cut with a more stretchy finish? Questions of this type are numerous, but do not panic. Today, we explain the advantages of each Arthur underwear, so that you can opt for the briefs, boxers or underpants of your dreams!

Arthur boxers

Today, nearly 3 out of 5 men prefer boxers to compose their underwear collection. A preference that is explained by the many advantages that this model has. Indeed, its second skin style is an asset of choice in the eyes of men, because it manages to be forgotten while guaranteeing a maintenance at all times.

At Arthur, the organic cotton and elastane composition of our models also offers the assurance of perfect lightness and breathability. Our boxers, available in dozens of different models in each collection, also offer you the possibility of bringing a nice dose of fantasy to a generally sober universe.

From this year, we are also offering you our “ new boxers ” with ultra-innovative anti-friction mesh. They will easily complete your underwear collection by providing you with all the comfort and support you expect from a boxer.

With their cotton and elastane composition, Arthur briefs are the ideal product for all lovers of optimal support and suspension of intimacy. Regularly available in more sober shades than our ranges of boxers and briefs, they also remain at the height of the trend, borrowing from their acolytes the contrasting elasticated waistband and the yoke on the front, as well as a few lines of patterns. In addition, with their short cut, they will perfectly highlight your legs, once put on.

Stop looking around, you're in the right place ! Arthur and underpants are two terms that always go hand in hand. With our two different cuts of men's boxer shorts (Club and French), our house is constantly at the forefront of trends, between fantasy and elegance, to satisfy both regulars and neophytes alike.

The recipe: an organic cotton composition for each of our models, and ranges that offer a wide range of choices. Whether it's the cut, the patterns or the level of support and freedom of movement, everything has been carefully thought out so that you can take the step of boxer shorts. So that the amplitude, married with a unique originality, becomes the key word of your wardrobe!

Discover our tips for choosing the right Arthur boxer shorts or learn more about our iconic Le Club model .