How to choose the right underpants

Choosing your boxer shorts for a man is an art! You have to know your desires, which corresponds to our corpulence, and models adapted to your daily life. Because what could be better than wearing underwear in which you feel as comfortable at home as on busy days? At Arthur, we help you choose THE model that will accompany you as it should!

First question: the cut of his underpants

The first question to ask yourself concerns the cut of your boxer shorts: there are several, and it is important to stop on the one you like the most. Between American and French, the choice can be difficult... Fortunately, we are here to guide you. If you appreciate the art of compromise, the Arthur Club briefs should be made for you. Its cocktail of assets opening the way to maintaining your privacy while leaving you significant freedom has made it a must for many years. Its American cut, neither too long nor too short, adapts perfectly to your legs, while the practicality of its inner briefs will almost make you forget that you are wearing boxer shorts.

Suitable for those who prefer tradition to innovation, and total freedom to greater support, Le Français boxer shorts are also the first choice. Its stretch French cut is at the top of the list of its advantages: combined with its one-button elastic waistband, it will make your intimate life a smooth day-to-day, during which breathing has never been so easy!

For lovers of close-fitting underwear looking to switch from boxers to briefs, French jersey briefs look like the best option. With its soft and light material, it has the advantage of being versatile, while hardly being noticed when you are on the move. You will give your days airy looks, without even forcing.

Boxers are also chosen for their look

You may find the ideal cut, but the boxer shorts are also chosen according to their look. Yes, even under pants or shorts, style matters just as much. Now is the time for patterns! You're in luck, at Arthur, it's our specialty. Each season, our style team puts all its heart into concocting around twenty new prints. Declined on all of our organic cotton boxer shorts, they are added to previous collections, and therefore offer you the embarrassment of choice.

Now it's up to you to adorn yourself with the boxer shorts of your dreams thanks to Arthur! Discover the Arthur Le Club boxer shorts and Arthur Le Français boxer shorts collection

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