Our tips for successfully falling asleep and waking up better

What's worse than feeling tired, deciding to go get a good night's sleep, only to end up not being able to doze off? Especially since the longer it takes to fall asleep, the harder it will be to wake up the next day...

And when important deadlines arrive. It is better to be in top form! So that you never find yourself in this kind of situation again, Arthur gives you the best tips for having the best nights and the best awakenings ever.

Listening to your body without being too active

Your body is a wonderful machine, which should let you know when it's time to move from the living room to the duvet. So if you start to yawn or have heavy eyelids, it's probably time to end your day. If you don't listen to these signals, they could well fade and act as a trap: you are tired, but your body no longer indicates it, and it will therefore be harder to fall asleep easily. With this in mind, avoiding screens just before bed is also essential: they tire the eyes, reminding them of daylight, which pushes back your natural sleep schedule...

To respect this first advice and respect the rhythm of your body, you have to know how to resist a temptation: finish the activity in progress. If you read, watch a series or spend an evening with friends, managing to put limits to your nocturnal fun can save you a lot of trouble when you go into the arms of Morpheus.

Just before going to bed, also remember to avoid hot drinks such as tea or coffee, which only delay your sleep thanks to their composition.

Choosing the right pajamas

It also goes without saying that putting all the elements on your side will allow you to fall asleep more quickly. With a good mattress and the Arthur pajamas of your choice , you will be properly equipped so that your nights are never restless again.

Indeed, the softness, comfort and freedom of movement offered by our many models should convince you to adorn yourself with our patterns for your future hours of sleep!

Ensure a morning routine

Once you know how to have a good night's sleep, it would be a shame not to put it to use by successfully waking up. Because all good things come to an end, even restful hours of sleep!

Every morning, create rituals that will allow you to see the day ahead with desire and appetite. As soon as your alarm clock rings, don't let yourself be consumed by the urge to stay in the sheets and start attacking: a few small stretches will give your body the little bit of energy you will need to extricate yourself from your bed. Then drink a glass of water and eat a breakfast big enough to keep you going until lunch, but not too much either. It would be a shame to feel bloated from the first hours of the day.

Another good habit to adopt is that of a hot shower as soon as you wake up. At night, our body temperature drops. In the morning, an increase in this temperature will give your body the opportunity to get in condition quickly for the rest of the day.

Choose the right underwear to feel comfortable all day

To get the day off to a good start, it's about your morning routine as well as the choice of your underwear ! Because there's nothing worse than feeling too tight or too loose and having to wait until you get home in the evening to change your outfit.

So that you are as good in your sneakers as in your underwear, Arthur offers you several alternatives. For men, two models of underpants: the Le Club underpants with its American cut and its inner suspender for comfortable support, or the Le Français underpants for maximum freedom of movement. Our stylists also develop collections of briefs and boxers in cotton elastane or microfiber for a feeling of lightness and extreme softness. And, for women, a collection of panties with patterns matching the men's collections. Just to leave nothing to chance in your outfit!