Cotton from organic farming, the new star material

At ARTHUR , we want soft materials and more respect for the environment. We have always chosen our materials based on their quality, durability and resistance. Far from fast-fashion, we have always relied on top quality for the composition of our underwear, pajamas and socks. And that's why in 2020, we made the almost exclusive choice of cotton from organic farming for our collections of underwear and pajamas.

Even if everything is not perfect, the production of cotton from organic farming uses less water and limits the use of allergenic products (which can produce irritation for your skin). And it's always taken!

Softer and pleasant to the touch, cotton from organic farming is now the reference material for our boxer shorts and for our pajamas, it is one of our preferred materials, alongside L yocell or Pilou desVosges . For what ? Quite simply, so that you can make an eco-responsible purchase by adorning yourself with the quirky and elegant style of ARTHUR , which you appreciate so much.

The use of cotton from organic farming fits with our desire to offer you noble materials for clothes that are comfortable to wear and soft on the skin. In the company of polyester made from recycled plastic from our collection of swim shorts, Pilou des Vosges from our Winter pajamas or Lyocell, ARTHUR always selects the best material according to the type of clothing, the season and the eco- responsibility.