Adopt our Cruise Pace | Article – Arthur

Adopt our collection of pajamas, homewear and "cruising speed" underwear for nights and cocooning moments without waves. The quirky, whimsical and original style of our nautical-inspired collection will allow you to combine elegance with pleasure, whether under the duvet or, once up, to stroll around your home.

Pajamas to set sail for the Slow Life

After months of imagining the shape your future vacation will take, occupying every second of free time and, of course, working tirelessly, it's time to take a well-deserved break. For this new spring/summer 2021 collection, Arthur has thought of you, betting on the art of slowing down and Slow Life.

Why keep pushing yourself when you can simply enjoy relaxing undisturbed? If you are tempted by this perspective, and you are not afraid of being daring, we have the men's pajamas and women's pajamas for you.

Stroll comfortably and telecommute well dressed in pajamas

Lounging around the house, not thinking about anything, clearing your head when you're not working can do a lot of good. Because even if the pandemic has changed habits and we no longer move automatically to the workplace, fatigue inexorably accompanies the countless Zoom meetings that fill the new daily lives of many employees. On arrival, it makes you want to see the holidays arrive even faster than usual.

Thus, to telecommute comfortably in front of your computer and continue with nights that you would like to be as long as your days, our style team has designed pajamas and dressing gowns adapted to your wildest desires.

In men's or women's models, long and short, light or dark, our pajamas symbolize the "slow living" established as an art of living. Now it's up to you to take the plunge: will you be a “symbolic siesta” in 100% organic cotton pyjamas, or the captain of a ship boasting, day and night, of the benefits of “cruising speed”?

Draw, as you wish, from our original and quirky collection!