With ARTHUR, adopt the Californian spirit!

Whether from your living room, on the beach or on your terrace, Arthur gives you the opportunity to fly to the west coast of the United States by sporting its inimitable look and, under the sun, always more trendy.

Show off your good morning mood with our “Lever du Bon Pied” collection

Because waking up is as important as the night before it, to start each day well, Arthur's style team has designed models of pajamas for the whole family geared towards this positive spirit.

Inspired by sneakers, which have evolved over the years from practical sports shoes to an unmistakable part of our wardrobes, this collection combines colors with freshness and humor, to allow you, it is the case of say it, to get up “on the right foot”!

Summer pajamas in the colors of good humor

With our range of men's pajamas with a Californian spirit, each of your summer nights will become a moment of pure happiness.

Decorated with their warm colors and their resplendent floral motifs under the first reflections of the day, our pajamas are completed, thanks to our care, by prints directly inspired by the American spirit.

Whether you want to show your love of the road trip, the exhilarating feeling of slot machines (revisited with vegan sauce) or sneakers, you can choose according to your current desires in our collection, designed especially for you.