A boxer for each style, how to choose it well?

At ARTHUR, we select soft materials and varied colors to offer you a very wide choice. In your notes, we give you our secrets for choosing the underwear that will suit you best.

Well-cut underwear is essential for optimal comfort

Selecting the fit is the first step when choosing men's boxer shorts . At ARTHUR, there are three: the French cut, the American cut and the night briefs.

The French boxer shorts are ARTHUR's iconic cut in 100% organic cotton which is distinguished by a central flat seam at the back. The back is made up of a single piece sewn to the front by side seams on either side of the thighs. While having a closer fit, the French cut offers great freedom of movement. To chill at home or for all your outdoor activities, with the Le Français boxer shorts you will obtain maximum comfort.

American boxer shorts are jockstrap boxer shorts which are characterized by their slippered interior with unstoppable support and their triple seam: a first seam which leaves a central V-shaped yoke at the level of the buttocks, as well as two side seams ending with comfort slots. Offering unrivaled freedom of movement, you won't have the feeling of wearing skimpy underwear. Ideal for all occasions, Le Club d'ARTHUR boxer shorts will accompany you everywhere, all the time!

Each cut has its advantage, you can wear the French cut on weekends and the American cut during the week. It's up to you to decide.

The third model is the night briefs , which offer all the comfort you need to sleep without constraints. It features a smoother, softer cut for maximum freedom at night. The advantage of this model is that it allows you to put together your night outfit by combining the pattern you dream of with the t-shirt of your choice. The combinations are endless!

A quality material for foolproof softness

The comfort of a pair of underwear also depends on its fabric, which is essential when you want to ensure maximum softness. But how can we judge its quality? The first criterion is the sensation felt on the skin. Then, we will check for possible skin risks such as irritation, allergy, etc.

Soft and supple materials are therefore strongly recommended if you are wondering which underwear to choose. Pleasant to wear, cotton perfectly meets these requirements. Worn during the day or at night, cotton boxer shorts are synonymous with unfailing comfort. Being a breathable fiber, it absorbs perspiration and always keeps the skin dry. This process avoids dampness and bad odor, which is essential for this intimate area. So, despite a very active day, you stay cool until the evening. Finally, the composition of cotton greatly reduces the risk of irritation and allergies.

Better yet, organic cotton has even more benefits. It has all the advantages of cotton, but in addition, the production process is more ecological. This production also respects the standards of eco-responsible cultivation, notably with a reduced quantity of water and a positive impact on the land which has time to renew itself between crops.

Original colors and patterns for a unique style

To summarize, we choose boxer shorts for their comfort and their quality. Like any underwear, boxer shorts are more pleasant to wear if they suit our taste, with an attractive color and pattern. At ARTHUR, our stylists draw on over 30 years of expertise in creating exclusive patterns.

At the moment the most successful models are colorful, decorated with original patterns, or rather classic but with a fun touch. In terms of patterns, we mainly remember animal, sporting and offbeat themes. Of course, classic patterns like polka dots, checks and stripes remain a safe bet. Each season, our classic models are renewed while maintaining an authentic side, a value dear to ARTHUR.

Comfort, quality material and trendy patterns are the secrets to choosing your underwear.