A men's pajama to compose that looks like you

To sleep in style, what could be better than mismatched men's pajamas ? Night and day, you are the master of the game. Choose the pajama top and bottom according to your needs and your desires of the moment. Whether it's cuts, materials, colors and patterns, ARTHUR offers you a wide choice of nightwear that will meet all your requirements. You are exactly where you need to be, we tell you everything!

Original models, summer and winter

The short and light pajamas are perfect when the thermometer sees red while the thicker and more covering models help you spend a warm winter. Whatever piece you are looking for, you will find what you are looking for in this collection of pajamas to compose.

In the summer, there's nothing better than a set of shorts and a short-sleeved t-shirt to feel light all day long. Yes, you read that right, pajamas can now be worn all day because their look allows you to. ARTHUR excludes old-fashioned pajama models whose oversized cut is no longer fashionable. In this collection, the cuts are both modern and relaxed. When the temperatures drop, choose pants and a long-sleeved top for your men's pajama set . In a nutshell, make a thoughtful choice of the two pieces to combine and your pajamas will become an indoor outfit that you will love for a long time.

With ARTHUR, originality has always been at the heart of creations. Our stylists imagine patterns that are out of the ordinary. Moreover, this quirky and joyful spirit has been part of our signature since the creation of the brand in 1983.

Comfort signed ARTHUR

ARTHUR makes it a point of honor to offer you impeccable product quality. And when it comes to choosing your pajamas for men, we pay attention to comfort, which first and foremost involves the choice of material.

We have always relied on 100% cotton, our favorite fibre. What other fiber would indeed be suitable for pajamas directly in contact with the skin? Cotton is a comfortable fabric par excellence, soft on the

touch and above all, which absorbs moisture. You'll avoid sweaty clammy even in the hottest of summers. The advantage of cotton is that it lets the skin breathe. Perfectly hypoallergenic, it is also ideal for sensitive or reactive skin. Note, however, that cotton is combined with other fibers such as elastane or modal for even more comfort.

Now, on to the cut of our pajamas to compose, which also contributes to comfort. For pajama bottoms (shorts or pants), the waist is always elasticated to make it easier to put on. No need to size down for more support, our pajama bottoms fit perfectly. The comfort is also optimal at the level of the crotch: neither too tight nor too wide, each of our pajama bottoms offers great freedom of movement.

As for the top, discover our t-shirts that are both basic and trendy. Gone are the oversized and shapeless models that we used to wear for the night. With ARTHUR men's pajamas , you will proudly display a modern and well-cut piece that you will love to keep for your days off and your moments of relaxation. And why not for your video calls...

In addition to the quality of ARTHUR pajamas, we offer you good deals: join the ARTHUR Club to access our loyalty program . Accumulate points easily and receive benefits and rewards throughout the year.