Arthur Underpants, Join the Club

Since its creation in 1983, ARTHUR has upset the codes of men's underwear by bringing modernity and fantasy to a simple product. It was in 2006 that the ARTHUR Le Club underpants were officially born. From the most classic to the most fancy! Each season, our style office creates more than 20 new models.

The revolution in the underpants

In 1983, ARTHUR revolutionized the world of men's underwear by imposing boxer shorts as a benchmark in a country where underpants reigned supreme.

Today The ca lesson is the clothing we wear daily, which follows us throughout the day, whatever the circumstances. It is therefore our best ally, but can sometimes become our worst enemy, especially in terms of comfort.

We're not drawing you a picture, but that's why we at ARTHUR have developed the American cut jockstrap briefs.

Anatomy of an iconic underpants

The ARTHUR Le Club underpants combine the elegance and comfort of an American underpants, in a wide range of woven dyed and 100% cotton prints.

The ARTHUR Le Club boxer shorts have an “American” cut with a yoke on the buttocks to avoid chafing and thus guarantee top-of-the-range comfort and unequaled ease.

Our designers have combined this cut with a “slipper” yoke. This exclusive design interior pocket in 100% cotton mesh is placed at the front of the briefs and completely invisible from the outside. It guarantees perfect support without compression.

Comfort and style, even in boxer shorts

What could be worse than spending a day in underwear that is too tight or, on the contrary, too loose? The ARTHUR Le Club men's boxer shorts provide good support without compression, combined with optimal comfort. But that's not all ! And yes, having comfortable underwear is good, but if it's elegant, it's even better!

Each season, we offer this iconic model in different patterns, from the most sober to the most colorful, always with a very flexible elasticated waistband, so as to make comfort accessible to all! Like what, feeling beautiful and good is possible, thank you ARTHUR Le Club!