The 5 good reasons to offer pajamas at Christmas

Finding a gift for any occasion is never easy. For Christmas, consider offering a useful gift that is fun at the same time. The pajamas will find their place this year under the tree. Offering men's pajamas, women's pajamas or children's pajamas at Christmas is an excellent gift idea. If you still doubt our proposal, here are five reasons that will surely end up convincing you to offer pajamas at Christmas!

1. For your cocooning sessions to be successful

With the winter cold, unless you are intrepid, you shouldn't spend your days outside. Cocooning will therefore undoubtedly become one of your favorite hobbies. What could be better than staying warm at home watching a series, with a hot drink in your hands? For these sessions of relaxation and warmth to take place in the best possible way, you must wear normal clothing, both pleasant and soft. The pajamas, which more than one in ten French people admitted to wearing during the confined days at the start of 2020, have all these advantages. This is especially the case with models in Pilou Arthur, whose warmth is no longer to be proven and which will delight the recipients of this lovely Christmas present. To pamper your family, offering pajamas at Christmas guarantees very successful cocooning sessions.

2. So that the whole family wears the same look

What better way to show the cohesion of a family than by wearing the famous “matching outfits”? At least for the night in any case, at Arthur, you are entitled to several models of pajamas available in men's, women's and children's versions, so that you can be proud to sleep each and everyone with the same outfit as your loved ones. We guarantee you sessions of laughter when opening gifts, and smiles that will never let you go when immortalizing these moments! Offering pajamas at Christmas will please the whole family, while allowing everyone to wear the same clothes.

3. To be as warm at night as during the day

Wearing your pajamas during the day is a new fashion, more than ever in tune with the times. The reasons ? The desire to slow down, to enjoy your days without worrying and to feel totally at home, warm. Giving pajamas at Christmas will therefore allow you to give your loved ones the opportunity to also put themselves in these hot days of relaxation. Or if they are already won over, so that they start their winter days at home with even more warmth on their skin, thanks to the top-of-the-range materials and the special treatment of the Arthur pajama models. Because allowing you to escape the cold day and night is one of our goals! We offer a selection of pajamas in all colors and sizes at unbeatable prices. Fleece or velvet combination, slippers for the winter, you will have a wide choice!

4. To change “ugly sweaters”

Coming straight from the Anglo-Saxon countries, the fashion for Christmas sweaters has taken hold of France. With their visible knits and offbeat patterns and expressions, they are attracting more and more people and are offered by a growing number of brands. At Arthur, we are convinced that an alternative is possible. Our pajamas have all the advantages of “ugly sweaters”, with a major advantage. You can wear them under the duvet all night long and enjoy unparalleled softness. Moreover, it is the greatest interest to wear our pajamas, day and night. Offering pajamas at Christmas will put you at the service of the well-being and comfort of the recipient.

5. To be comfortable all seasons

Whether you are mum, dad, husband or wife, you can offer pajamas at Christmas to please a member of your family. You can give your daughter the seasonal model that is missing from her wardrobe. Indeed, at Arthur, we sell pajamas suitable for each season throughout the year. Warm for the winter with soft and pleasant materials, light for the summer with short cuts, they will, under the tree, act as a missing link for the present or future nights of the person who will receive your pajamas as a gift. No doubt you will have her eternal gratitude when she wakes up every morning in great shape!