8 good reasons to spend the day in pajamas | Article – Arthur

Staying at home and spending whole days in pajamas is a dream shared by many. For it to become reality, it is not enough only good will, but also the pajamas that suit you. Chez Arthur, we have everything you need. In addition to the models of your desires, we have selected eight good reasons to relax in pajamas, especially in this situation of confinement.

1. To recover

After a week of work, sleeping well at night and taking a long nap in the middle of the day is the best way to enjoy your weekend. And in fluffy pyjamas, it's even better! You will be warmer, more comfortable and will benefit from a good restful sleep. To find out what type of pajamas would suit you the most, we have created a guide especially for you.

2. To take care of yourself

You've never wondered why pajamas have become the fashion news for sleeping. Well, know that it is because it is beneficial for mental health. Comfort, relaxation, rest, freedom, these are the sensations provided by pajamas. We are sure many will agree.

Today, in France and many other countries, pajamas are fashionable even for the day. Cuts, colors, fabrics vary to meet all tastes. At Arthur, we offer a wide choice of pajamas for women, men and children. Also benefit from the advice of our sales professionals to find the model that suits you best.

3. To be warm

Exit the sweaters and other cardigans. At Arthur, our pajamas have been imagined and designed so that you can spend both night and day in the warmth of materials such as the pilou des Vosges. The perfect solution to feel free in all circumstances at home!

4. To enjoy his family

In France, as in many countries around the world, pajamas are topical with confinement.

Since the arrival of the covid, we spend more time with our loved ones at home. At the same time, with this change in lifestyle, the homewear trend has become the perfect complement to these days together. Indeed, dressing in pajamas will give you free rein to various activities throughout the day while letting your body relax through its soft fabrics.

5. To see his favorite series again

Being able to stay in your pajamas all day inside the house is one of the many positive points of the weekend. However, during the confinement period, the weekends are getting longer. At first it will be pleasant, but over the days the feelings of boredom will gradually appear. We become stressed and easily irritated.

To preserve our mental health, we must then find ideas for pleasant pastimes such as watching a series or a video and reading. To make these moments more relaxed, consider dressing in your pajamas. Moreover, a study on the benefits of wearing pajamas revealed that this type of clothing improves our psychology and promotes our well-being.

With Arthur, you have the opportunity to "binge" the dozens of episodes that you know by heart with the right outfit: warm pajamas, short or long according to your desires... with the assurance of experiencing extraordinary comfort.

6. To not have to worry about her look

Choosing your work outfit every morning can sometimes become a source of pressure, especially when you care about your look like no one else. So, when you have the opportunity to spend time indoors, forget your stress and let yourself go. There is no question of jogging or jeans with a t-shirt here. The best way to enjoy your weekend or vacation without worrying is to stay in your pajamas all day!

7. To get out of your work rhythm

Subway, work, sleep, and rebelote… you have to admit that it's an exhausting routine. So, to fully free your body and mind, adopt a relaxed lifestyle when you stay at home. According to a study, the comforting effect of pajamas acts effectively on our psychology. In France, several people have given their opinion on the subject, admitting that displaying their pajamas during the day directs their thoughts more towards relaxation.

8. To discover new books

The psychology of man can be easily impacted by his environment and the health crisis does not help this situation. For good reason, life in society is truly the opposite of life at home. Between teleworking, cleaning, meals, husband, wife and children, life in confinement risks having a detrimental effect on psychology, especially for women. To tackle this new indoor routine without going crazy, you have to apply a cool lifestyle. Our ideas? Wear pajamas and do fun indoor activities!