Pajamas, much more than sleepwear

Have you ever been told about the hidden benefits of pajamas? For the majority of its followers, it has only one use: to allow you to spend the best possible nights without feeling too cramped under the duvet. We've put together a guide for you to choose which one is right for you. But, in 2021, pajamas are asserting themselves as an outfit that goes beyond just nighttime wear.

Dare to go out in pajamas!

We no longer count, today, the number of French people who spend their day in pajamas. This phenomenon goes hand in hand with the development of homewear, a symbol of the growing appeal of interior outfits in everyday life.

During confinement in 2020, more than one in ten French people admitted never to go from nightwear to daytime wear, preferring to stroll in their pajamas from sunrise to sunset. The story doesn't say if they went out shopping with it, but it's just like.

Today, pajamas are no longer just for sleeping, they have become a real trend! So don't be surprised if you come across your neighbors in their pajamas at the bakery or walking around not far from your home… They know what they're doing.

For telework, but not only

You can therefore dare to take the plunge into working from home in your pajamas without hesitation, you will not be the first to make this not-so-radical decision!

Especially since, warm at home, it is better to wear a comfortable and soft outfit than a work suit, which is not necessarily synonymous with total well-being during a whole working day... And when the weekend or the holidays will point the tip of their nose, you will have the advantage of not being out of place and of being equipped with men's pajamas or women's pajamas in which you are already well versed.