Tout Teddy : The Arthur's 40 years old

Once Teddy, always Teddy!

From pajamas to underwear, Teddy brings a playful and recognizable touch to ARTHUR products. However, our beloved Teddy is not just a stylized representation of the beloved teddy bear, he is much more than that! Indeed, he embodies our brand. His history ? Teddy was born in the 90s, when the brand's stylists wanted to bring a touch of originality and softness to the collections by creating a common identity thread that could return from season to season.

Since then, the very first Teddy (above) hand-drawn by the Style Director has established itself as a true mascot. Our style office has fun reinventing it with each collection, and just like our dear Martine, we can say that he too has seen the country!

Teddy in the United Kingdom

Dandy style or Scottish kilt, Teddy plays it British.

Teddy goes on an adventure

Space conquest or towards Lit Malaya, our Teddy is not afraid of anything!

Teddy in winter sports

All schuss on the track!

Teddy, sports fan

Baseball supporter, pillar of the night or champion green, our Teddy is a great sportsman.

Teddy teleworks

In underwear preferably :)

Teddy disguises himself

In Napoleon urs

Teddy forget your bear on vacation

40 year old teddy

Latest Teddy to date and already cult!

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