Fun in pajamas with ARTHUR games

We are starting our fifth week of confinement at home with the children, and are you starting to run out of ideas to keep your little ones busy? Do not panic ! ARTHUR has concocted fun activities to entertain your children! We put on our most beautiful pajamas , and let's go!


ARTHUR gets your kids' brains working! As for the traditional Memory game, the goal of the game is to assemble the pairs, except that this time, you have to match the clothes from the ARTHUR collections: socks / socks, children's pajamas / pajamas... If you can't find the pair , you will have to replace the cards at the exact place where you drew them.

Download the Memory


Tired of seeing them running from one end of the house to the other? Need calm? We have concocted for you coloring versions of the patterns of the pajamas from our collection;) Find the patterns “ It matches! ”, “ Frenchy children’s pajamas ” and “ Teddy children’s pajamas ”! Anti-stress activity par excellence, coloring frees children's creativity and works on their concentration. And, in addition, it will make you a pretty decoration to display on the fridge. Unavoidable !

Download Arth'coloring

ARTHUR lost his sock

Who has never lost the second sock in their pair? ARTHUR needs help finding his ! Open your eyes wide, and let's go!

Download the Labyrinth


Ideal activity to develop concentration and reflection, crosswords can channel children (and why not adults) for a few moments! We have prepared two levels of crossword puzzles! For the little ones: knowing the names of the clothes while having fun! For the older ones: a bit of culture, with the famous ARTHURs throughout history!

ARTHUR 'S dressing room

The essential pieces of ARTHUR's wardrobe are waiting for you! Find the words associated with each image!

Download Arthur's dressing room

The famous ARTHURs

The essential pieces of ARTHUR 's wardrobe are waiting for you! Find the words associated with each image!