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Our 5 tips for staying well at home

Already several days spent in confinement! In order to distract you and prove to you that staying at home can have positive sides, we have prepared a top 5 activities for you to discover or rediscover at home, alone or with your family! And above all, put on your most beautiful men's pajamas to make them!

1. Share your favorite childhood cartoons to your kids

Are you locked up at home with the children and do you want to keep them busy? It's time to bring back the cartoons of your childhood! What could be better than being able to introduce the younger generation to the classics that rocked your childhood? The Disney remain timeless! This is an opportunity to dust off your classics! You will be able to tell your children that in your time, films were watched thanks to this strange object, the cassette!

2. Take the time to cook new dishes

Having time at home is also an opportunity to take care of your health! You who are always overwhelmed and never have time to simmer good homemade dishes, and well to your stove! Lately, recipes abound on the net! Take the opportunity to get inspired! ;) You will be delighted to eat something other than frozen fries! For the most connected, we invite you to follow the Instagram account of Florian BARBAROT (Top Chef). Otherwise, go to M6, every evening at 6:45 p.m., to follow the program “Tous en cuisine en direct avec Cyril Lignac”. Your taste buds and your body will thank you!

3. Take 1 hour a day to call your loved ones

We are stuck at home, finished the weekends in the countryside with our parents or with friends! But that doesn't mean the link is broken! Today, we have everything you need to keep in touch, so if you miss the face of your dear mother or your friends, consider videoconferences! Will you opt for the traditional Skype? Where are you going to join the movement by downloading the Houseparty app, which is all the rage right now? You may have realized that it's been far too long since you've heard from your grandparents, your uncle or your friends, now is the time! You have time ! And the good news is that they are too! So, to your phones!

4. Start the pile of books waiting for you next to your bed

Do you need to decompress? To escape? Or educate yourself? There is something very simple to achieve this: books! Reading is often left aside in favor of screens, and yet it is a time to refocus on oneself, to disconnect from the perpetual agitation of the real world, to travel to another universe for a few moments.

5. Do family activities

It's time to reconnect with your family, to reconnect! So, let's get back to family activities! Board games allow you to share a moment together. They push to consult and agree to implement strategies. It's also an opportunity to have fun together! Attention, bad players and cheaters, abstain! ;) Out of ideas? We invite you to follow the Coronaminus_kid account which offers activities to keep your children busy during confinement. In the same spirit, quickly discover the HelloMerciMercred i account : throughout the confinement period, HelloMerciMercredi is supportive and offers you, every Wednesday, to receive a small best of eco-creative workshop free of charge by e-mail.

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