Birth of an ARTHUR collection

Since 1983, the creation of the Arthur pajamas and underwear collections has been the result of meticulous organization. The challenge is high: every six months, we challenge ourselves to satisfy you by offering new models and patterns that correspond as much to our spirit as to your expectations. From our design office to your wardrobe, we explain how an Arthur collection is born!

First step: Inspiration

To begin, the style team takes stock of past seasons. The pieces that were popular and those that worked less well give indications on the directions to take for the next collection. Creation therefore includes a lot of analysis: figures, trends, the spirit of the times... All this, taking into account Arthur's own spirit and what you like to wear.

But while the figures from the previous collection are very useful, they are not everything. “When you create, you have to know how to preserve your freshness, your instinct and your intuition to succeed in renewing yourself effectively. This is even more the case when you have dozens of collections in your luggage,” explains Anne Gillet, the brand’s long-standing style director. Fortunately, inspiration is everywhere: social networks, fiction, museums, second-hand clothes, advertising, loved ones' clothes, magazines, libraries.

“Once we have settled on the main themes, we must identify the trends of the moment, particularly in the world of decoration. Because our clothes are mainly worn at home, they must echo well-being at home,” continues Anne. Then, all these ideas are brought together on a mood board, which brings together all of the stylists' favorites on a single board. An essential tool for implementing their ideas, and which serves as a summary of the collection in large format.

Having fun during creation, “a step that is close to your heart”

Season after season, similar big themes recur. For summer, inspiration revolves around travel. For winter, cocooning is at the top of the list.

From these main directions comes the moment of creating patterns and prints, accompanied or not by puns. An inspiration that works in both directions: either the play on words inspires a drawing, or the opposite.

And when the trigger fails, a solution emerges by itself: brainstorming with the founder of the brand, Jean-Louis Pariente, who has always been involved in creation when it comes to relaunching The dynamic. The style director particularly appreciates these moments, which have become classics in the creative process. “These meetings give us the opportunity to let loose, ” she smiles. These are the moments where we really have fun and which are close to our hearts.

The making phase

Next comes the choice of materials that will make up the collection's pajamas and underwear. In a logic of excellence, it is carried out in collaboration with the brand's trusted suppliers, based on requests from stylists or possible innovative proposals emanating directly from factories.

From 2020, organic cotton has been added to the list of materials in Arthur's collections. Among them, we find cotton worked in different shapes depending on the product, polyester for swimming shorts , along with Lyocell and Pilou des Vosges. The latter two respectively bring eco-sustainability and softness to the interior clothing of the new collections.

All the information and sketches of each men's pajamas or underwear can be found on the collection plan. This document, managed by Nacera, product manager, serves as a guide throughout the construction of a collection. Given to the different actors involved in the creation and design of clothing, it can be constructed by material or by type of item. It allows you to take an overview of the collection and its different references distributed between the different types of pieces. Updated when new models are finalized, it is the ideal tool to monitor the progress of the creation and production of the current collection, right up to departure for manufacturing.

Final step: from production to your wardrobe

Once the pieces are being manufactured by the different suppliers, the style team checks the quality of the materials, the first renderings, organizes the photo shoots with the models and creates the lookbooks.

This set of steps, driven in particular by the expertise of Marilyne, stylist, foreshadows the putting the Arthur collection online and then their deployment in our 40 stores throughout France. To finally end up in your wardrobe!