Everyday fantasy

We believe that fantasy should not be synonymous with exception or import, we rely on traditional codes that ensure a chic look that we divert with a touch of humor.

We are a designer of fantasy for everyday use, to wear and (re)wear for a long time, so as to be relaxed and well dressed.

We are convinced that fantasy 🐻 gives color to everyday life.

An inimitable style to be chic without ever being boring

ARTHUR is an independent French brand that defies fleeting fashion trends to imagine pajamas, underwear and loungewear you won't see anywhere else. We are committed to designing timeless pieces with a modern twist thanks to a hint of audacity that makes men and the whole family smile.

The obsession with quality

The choice of material, the sinews of war!

At the top of our list of preferred materials, we have hoisted cotton from organic farming. Our selection of materials is rigorously adapted to each type of product and to the season (Lyocell, Pilou des Vosges...) with a point of honor on quality so that you can keep your pieces for a very long time.

Discover our commitments

The family spirit...

A warm and smiling welcome, attentiveness and quality of service have always been essential concepts for us.

It is this authentic state of mind that has made us known and that has above all made our shops unique local shops where conviviality is king!

…from generation to generation !

For our greatest pleasure, we embody all the values related to the family: comfort, warmth and joie de vivre. We are very proud to be the Madeleine of Proust for many of you and to have established with you a real relationship of trust that has lasted for years.

Today and for tomorrow, it is always the family spirit and elegance that drive us!

40 years already!

ARTHUR is a pretty story that begins in 1983 when the two founders fresh out of Essec shake up the codes of underwear with bright colors, exclusive patterns and modern cuts. The idea? To offer daring underpants rather than the eternal underpants, with patterns that brighten up men's daily lives. A small revolution in the world of men's underwear!

In 1992, the very first boutique opened in the very chic rue Victor Hugo in Paris.

In 1996, they launched their franchise network and distilled the ARTHUR style all over France. Over the years, the brand's vision has seduced all generations thanks to models combining comfort and fancy patterns, thus making the strength of the house.