Focus on the composition of the spring/summer 2021 collection

Humor and quality are the key words of the ARTHUR teams. Over time, the specifications evolve, but our desire to focus on quality remains. Slowly, but surely, we are changing the composition of our collections while continuing to work with our long-standing partner workshops in France, Europe, Morocco and India.

Today, we have chosen to share a little more with you on this subject, to answer the questions you regularly ask us.

The quality of materials, our challenge has always been

Since its creation in 1983, ARTHUR has always been committed to producing original and elegant pajamas and underwear, made mainly of cotton. We are also renowned for the quality of our materials and the durability of our collections. One wash, two washes... our pieces last over time. In 2019, we decided to go organic by including organic cotton at the top of our list of preferred materials to make our boxer shorts and nightwear.

In this search for more eco-responsible fabrics, Lyocell has also become a reference material for our pajamas over the past 5 years. Also known as Tencel®, Lyocell is obtained from eucalyptus wood pulp from sustainably managed forests. Halfway between cotton and silk, we love its great softness, lightness and fluidity. In winter, we have always included Pilou des Vosges pajamas in our collections.

Essential material, the "pilou-pilou" has been made in the Vosges for more than a century. It perfectly illustrates the unique French know-how and promises you pajamas that are both soft, comfortable and warm.

Sleepwear in organic cotton or Lyocell

Of the entire collection of nightwear from the spring/summer 2021 collection, for men, women or children, 75% is made from eco-responsible material: organic cotton or Lyocell. When we take a closer look at pajamas, one of our specialties: 80% of our men's pajamas and 100% of our women's pajamas or our children's pajamas are made of organic cotton or Lyocell.

Also, you will have understood, organic cotton has indeed become our reference material. But where does it come from? India is a major producer of cotton, especially organic cotton. That's why it seemed natural to us to continue making some of our pajamas there. Our factories are on a human scale (they are more like workshops) clean and well kept with which we have been working hand in hand for many years. These factories are located in southern India, a region renowned for its great know-how in knitting.

We have often traveled there and we have always found neat work there and never any unpleasant surprises.

100% organic cotton underwear

Today, we managed to finalize the transition of the composition of all our boxers!

Whether it's the Le Club boxer shorts with its American cut and its jockstrap, or the Le Français boxer shorts which, as its name suggests, are French cut: all the boxer shorts in the spring/summer 2021 collection are made of organic cotton. This was also the case for the fall/winter 2020 and spring/summer 2019 collections and for the underwear for little boys, made of 100% organic cotton.

In addition, for the past two seasons, we have been adapting certain patterns from our boxer shorts to women's panties. For this new line, we have chosen to favor a partnership with a workshop in Portugal to make organic cotton panties.

Recycled polyester swim shorts

In the summer, we make boxer shorts into swim shorts for men and boys. This year again, the majority (57%) of our collection of men's and boys' swim shorts is made with fabric made from recycled plastic bottles.

Our main fabric supplier is certified by the GRS (Global Recycle Standard) label and the fiber used is designed according to the r-PET recycling process, guaranteeing a totally innovative, hydrophobic and ultra-fine material. This fabric gives our swim shorts quick drying. Depending on the model, this fabric can be thin like spinnaker canvas or thicker for those who prefer shorts with more hold.