Warm up in a Pilou des Vosges

Pajamas that are soft, comfortable, warm... what if that was happiness? Happy days and pleasant nights that you can touch with your finger thanks to the Pilou des Vosges.

Cozy and soft at the same time

Made in France, the pilou des Vosges is actually a cotton brushed in order to make it softer. This material is also known under the name "Pilou pilou", which perfectly translates its cozy and soft side, both to the touch and to the wearer.

The advantages of Pilou des Vosges don't stop with its softness: it is also distinguished by the warmth and comfort it will bring you as soon as the cold comes to the fore. Suitable for the whole family, the pilou has been made in the Vosges for more than a century. It thus illustrates the unique and authentic know-how of Made in France.

Pajamas with exclusive patterns

Several types of clothing can be sewn with this generously soft material, but we have chosen to use it to make our winter pajamas so that you will never be cold with your pajamas again! Each year, our Parisian style team imagines new exclusive patterns to bring fantasy and elegance to your nights.

In addition to our Vosges flannel pajamas , we also develop Lyocell pajamas and cotton pajamas from organic farming to live, every season, perfect nights, both in summer and in winter. Discover our advice for choosing the right men's or women's pajamas according to the season.