What are French cut briefs?

Among our collection of men's underwear, Le Français boxer shorts give pride of place to two key words: freedom and elegance. The characteristics of a French underpants are very different from the American ARTHUR Club underpants and their cut. We offer quality 100% organic cotton options worthy of any choice for your men's underwear. Discover the details on our Le Français boxer shorts!

The characteristics of French cut briefs

Compared to the American ARTHUR Club men's boxer and its cut, the French cut boxer, 100% organic cotton, meets all your desires for freedom of movement and comfort. Closer to the body, it prints more of the shapes and strengths of the male body, for an ideal in-between between comfort and elegance.

  • Straight cut and button fly: the classic boxer shape that everyone knows.
  • Flat seam in the middle of the back: created in the pure French tradition, it highlights the morphology of the man by emphasizing the curves of the buttocks, even under clothing.
  • 100% organic cotton: like our collection of briefs and boxers, all our available boxer shorts, all cuts combined, are made of organic cotton to provide you with maximum softness and comfort while avoiding allergens. The details are specially designed to guarantee undeniable quality.
  • Elasticated waistband: Unlike the American cut ARTHUR Club briefs, the elasticated waistband and all French style briefs feature the same pattern, both inside and out.

Le Français boxer shorts, freedom at the service of comfort

Beyond its many options, the French cut boxer shorts are the true iconic boxer shorts of ARTHUR . A must-have for men's underwear, Le Français boxers are the first classic product developed by the brand when it was created in 1983. If it has managed to survive the years and eras thanks to the work of our style team, it It's also because its French cut is simply irresistible, both to wear and to admire. Striped, checkered, red or white, our French cut briefs are available to suit all tastes. The price is particularly studied in order to adapt to all budgets. And your choice can turn to a specific size or a set consisting of several different sizes, ranging from xs to xxl.

Indeed, each season, our Parisian style team manufactures and prints a dozen new patterns, which adorn the Le Français boxer shorts available to give them a more trendy and original look than ever. A way, also, to effectively renew your wardrobe by opting for the quality stamped ARTHUR . Especially since we offer delivery included in each price for all your purchases of briefs, boxers, or underpants, in detail or in batches.

To compare the French cut boxer shorts with the American cut and choose the model that suits you best, you can read our full article on the subject!

ARTHUR also manufactures a range of briefs and boxers of all sizes to meet your needs. You will find a lot available in all colors, red, white, striped or checkered, for men, women and children. We offer our products at very competitive prices, whatever size you choose (xs to xxl). And as a bonus, you don't have to pay extra delivery costs.