Socks that look like you

Choosing the right socks is an art. Small in size but huge in impact, they say a lot about you!

Beyond being a daily gesture to warm your feet, this essential accessory for your wardrobe allows you to express your style. They can be guessed between shoes and pants, ranging from classic plain colors to patterns, each more original than the other.

Beyond the comfort of the socks and the softness, the ARTHUR socks are made of noble materials such as cotton , bamboo fiber, wool or cashmere. So which of these two camps will you choose? Are you more discreet or funky?

Neutral socks for the most classic

When it comes to looks, you demand excellence: a mix of timeless style and relaxed aesthetics, you like to keep absolute control over your look.

From head to toe, you know how to add that pinch of subtlety that will give your wardrobe a twist. With a sober outfit, what could be better than daring a pair of monochrome coral, carmine or duck colored socks?

Impossible to make a mistake with plain socks, even colorful ones. You will naturally draw the eye to your ankles, it's all in the detail! We understand that comfort comes first, but style also counts.

If, on the other hand, you like to combine color tones at the top and bottom, it is better to stay on safe values ​​such as taupe, navy or the eternal anthracite. Harmonious mixes, perfect for an elegant and versatile look.

At ARTHUR, we can hide nothing from you, our classics with irreproachable finishes are a success that is not about to stop since they go with absolutely everything.

Suit, denim, velvet, chinos and whatever your choice of shoes, you can afford it all with these discreet colors! As for the quality of our socks , we guarantee that you will find it difficult to do without them.

Fancy socks for the most daring

Do you like originality and touches of humor? Are you one of those who are not afraid of anything? It gives us something in common!

If you are not afraid to put yourself forward and you consider your socks as a fashion accessory in their own right, put some fun on your feet!

At ARTHUR, we agree with you, a little fantasy in everyday life is essential to feeling good. The idea? Opt for models with a sober base, with a hint of audacity: colours, patterns, contrasting bands on the edge, the heel and the toe… Any means is good to play the coolness card.

Once your socks are on, you announce the color to start with: a fun way to highlight your ankles while pushing your fashion quotient to the max. On the program, striped socks, with multicolored bulbs, animal prints or even watering cans...

The choice of ARTHUR models is so varied that it becomes almost Cornelian. Let your intuition speak for itself or simply follow your mood of the day, you will inevitably find a pair that matches your look. And we can even have fun playing the mismatched.

The pinnacle of style is also to coordinate your socks with your underwear, since the patterns of boxer shorts imagined by our stylists are also available on our fancy socks. With their unfailing comfort, men's socks will put the world at your feet...

Now that the fashion potential of socks no longer holds any secrets for you, all that remains is to opt for the models that will be in perfect harmony with your personality.

Designed to accompany you for a long time, our socks are reinforced at the heel and toe to avoid unsightly holes.

To thumb your nose at the days when the grayness reigns or simply to put a good mood at your feet, vary the pleasures with our joyful colors and our many patterns, from the most neutral to the most eccentric.

Our line of men's socks allows you to upgrade your look in a snap, a way to show off your good taste while pleasing your feet!