Lyocell, for eco-friendly comfort

Soft and fluid, Lyocell is an ideal fiber for pajamas

Each season, ARTHUR develops models of men's pajamas or women's pajamas in Lyocell. This material, which has become essential in our collections, is obtained from eucalyptus wood pulp from sustainably managed forests.

While it has environmentally friendly qualities, Lyocell has other strings to its bow. When we talk about pajamas and other indoor clothing, the material they are made from must provide first-class comfort. Faced with this essential claim, Lyocell plays its role wonderfully. Its great softness, halfway between cotton and silk, in addition to its lightness and fluidity, makes you want only one thing: to slip into it!

Wrinkle-resistant pajamas that are super easy to care for

In terms of maintenance, nothing could be simpler! ARTHUR Lyocell pajamas are machine washable and can be dried at low temperature. When it comes to clothing, forget your ironing board: the material is almost wrinkle-free!

At ARTHUR, as comfort and elegance are synonymous with originality and constant innovation, we offer this material each season in new patterns and colors imagined by our Parisian style team!

In addition to our Lyocell pajamas, we also create Pilou des Vosges pajamas for Winter and organic cotton pajamas suitable for enjoying perfect nights all year round . Discover our tips for choosing your pajamas according to the season .