Homewear hits the streets: how to adopt the trend

Pajamas and other indoor outfits are no longer reserved for our good old sofa or our cozy bed. Let it be said, you can very well have style without being dressed to the nines, thanks to a clever mix of beautiful cuts and quality materials.
With the temperatures beginning to drop, we only want to keep this pleasant feeling of warmth on our skin, like a Sunday lazing under the duvet! Fleece, fleece from the Vosges, fleece or organic cotton, at ARTHUR we take care of you to offer you maximum comfort! Who said pajamas were out of fashion?

cool pajamas

From the bed to the street, there is only one step. For men and women , the pajamas are emancipated and leave the bedroom to conquer the street. Obviously, we still like to wear it at night, but during the day it moves away from its primary function to be seen by all.
Chic or casual, the pajamas slip under long, well-covering coats or accessorized with a cashmere scarf with the trousers tucked into chunky cable-knit socks.
To break the codes, why not adopt our long buttoned pajamas and mix it up? The buttoned shirt will be ideal under a knitted wool cardigan, while the trousers will go well with a beautiful sweatshirt with a minimalist cut.
The advantage of homewear is that you stay stylish while enjoying maximum comfort with comforting materials that are soft on the skin.
With the advent of telework, we are all looking for clothes in which we feel comfortable: pajamas tick all the boxes of style and fluidity. We would be wrong to deprive ourselves of it!

Indoor clothing

It's a fact, men's homewear and women's homewear are the new uniforms for stylish people, inside and out. Our sweatshirts, slightly loose t-shirts and coordinated pants bring you the leisurewear touch that your wardrobe was missing.
No more shapeless sets that make us look neglected, it's time for quality materials, like our cotton or fleece pants. Once put on, it's hard to leave these rooms in which you feel really comfortable.
That's why ARTHUR set out to imagine versatile outfits that follow you everywhere, all the time. At home in front of a captivating series, in the gym to practice your favorite sport, at the restaurant for our Sunday morning brunch or on the banks of the Seine for a short stroll, they are our unfailing allies in everyday life.
Interior clothing is sufficient in itself, it needs no artifice to impose itself as an object of desire. And since simplicity often rhymes with good taste, we stick to a minimalist look: sober sneakers, a smooth leather bag and a baseball cap. You are ready to face the new season that is coming its way.
As you will have understood, comfort does not exclude elegance. Dressing in pajamas to go out is no longer an ephemeral trend, it's a real way of life that has gradually become the new norm.
Showing off in town in an indoor outfit is not unreasonable, it's even recommended if you want to have the style rating! Shake up the codes, play with fashion and put well-being at the forefront. This art of living still has many good years ahead of it and ARTHUR is here to support you.
Do not hesitate to combine homewear pieces with ready-to-wear clothes!