Mauricette's stories

We discovered Amandine alias @les_histoires_de_mauricette , when she tagged us on an Instagram post where she was wearing our winter Teddy pajamas, a nice surprise! We were very flattered that she chose him as a stage outfit for her children's shows. To share her story and her commitment, which particularly touches us, we have decided to present her to you.

Amanda's journey

Amandine Lefrançois is a bubbly and energetic young mother who deserves to be talked about! She is the author of a fantastic children's novel which tackles the subject of trisomy 21. She also offers workshops and shows for children, Les Histoires de Mauricette, with the aim of breaking taboos and showing that being different is a chance.

For years, the young woman worked as an educator specializing in the field of disability. She then worked as an ambulance driver, until the day she was the victim of a violent attack that almost cost her her life. Traumatized, she plunged into writing, a remedy to help her not sink. She realized that life is precious and promised herself to realize her dreams before it was too late. This is how she embarked on a training as a writer in Switzerland, and it is there that the trilogy Le Moustique Trisomique was born.

Having grown up alongside a little brother with Down syndrome, it seemed important to him to tell everyone how wonderful he is! Thanks to her book, Amandine wants to prove that a person with a disability has a lot to offer to others.

The show: The Stories of Mauricette

At the same time, the young woman thought about a show project to raise awareness of difference, harassment and non-violent communication. Herself a bearer of invisible differences, she experienced bullying at school. Through her own experience, she quickly understood that "idiot" behaviors in the face of difference are often driven by the momentum of fear. So she wanted to invite everyone to reflect on this subject, so as not to remain in ignorance.

This is where Les Histoires de Mauricette was born: Amandine transmits her experience to children through stories, in the company of Mauricette, a colorful mute puppet, who has the gift of making children's eyes shine with each intervention.

The stage costume that Amandine chose? ARTHUR pajamas in Teddy plush , comforting and with the ultimate softness. She says that as a child, she was already wearing these pajamas. She particularly likes them, a bit like a Proust madeleine. The young woman feels good in it and for this “difference and harassment” workshop where she evokes around a dream the malevolence of which she was a victim as a child, she absolutely wanted to find this feeling of comfort. What's more, showing off in pajamas with these colorful and joyful patterns immediately appeals to children and encourages discussion.

What is your little ritual before going to bed?

Kissing my boys, Owen and Joey, then feeding on their serenity.

Your tip for falling asleep in no time?

Cardiac coherence.

The interior outfit that you love?

Comfortable pajamas!

Are you more of an early riser or a late riser?

I adapt.

Rather tea or coffee?


Your ideal weekend in 3 words?

Family. Nature. Chocolate.

Your favorite piece in the new collection?

Vahiné short-sleeved buttoned pajamas !