Christmas gift ideas for the whole family

Christmas is fast approaching and the eternal question that accompanies it: what can we offer to our loved ones? At ARTHUR, our team of stylists has thought of all the men in your tribe but also of your loved ones, young and old. Find our gift ideas for a warm Christmas, in full comfort, with a note of humor that characterizes us so well through exclusive and colorful patterns. Don't rack your brains anymore, we deliver everything to you on a platter!

Our gifts for him

Whether you want to spoil a dad , a (step) brother, a grandfather or a husband, the key is to please with a gift that will be both useful and lasting. To face the frosts of winter, what could be better than very comfortable ARTHUR pajamas with quirky and joyful prints? This indoor outfit is perfect for cool nights, solo, duo or family cocooning evenings, telecommuting and even lazy Sundays. A men's gift idea that will please.

With their elegant tartan trousers associated with a top decorated with a teddy, retro just right, the long pajamas that are not cold on the eyes play the card of good humor! For heavy sleepers who win the prize for naps and sleeping in, offer the Dodo Grande Vitesse pajamas available for men in short and long pajamas and in a father and son version!

Gone are the days of feeling embarrassed to receive underwear as a Christmas present. Choose the one that will brighten the days and nights of your favorite man: fancy print, cheerful colors, unequaled comfort and well-being, every detail is important. French or American cut , nightwear , boxer , you have a thousand and one ways to find the ARTHUR model that will make you happy.

From pajamas to underwear, slippers , socks , or dressing gowns , please the men in your life...

Our gifts for her

Lately, our fashion habits have been shaken up a bit. No wonder that women's wardrobes are more stocked with homewear outfits than with looks for going out! So inevitably, receiving pajamas for Christmas is an ultimate gift idea for women that will inevitably please. Especially if it is signed ARTHUR…

With the Full Teddy or Logan models in Vosges flannel available for men, women and children, you can immortalize your pajama parties or take a lucky photo under a wreath of mistletoe for an unforgettable moment of complicity! The Christmas spirit is definitely there.

Another safe bet, don't hesitate to offer a set of printed panties that will match Monsieur's underwear: Bulb , Beagle or Teddy pattern , all excuses are good to dare to Mix & Match as a couple.

Our gifts for toddlers

There is no question of ignoring the list of gifts that your little one will have asked for from Santa Claus! Nevertheless, to set up a family ritual that he will remember for a long time, why not bet on a child's gift idea that will reinforce this comforting feeling of belonging to a tribe? Every year, delight your son or daughter with ARTHUR pajamas matching yours.

What's better than fun pajamas just like mum and dad? When it's time to go to bed, and in addition to his reassuring cuddly toy, the teddy bear invites itself as a pattern on his pajamas so that he's always by his side, under the duvet or to laze around at home!

Soft as a caress, the children's long teddy pajamas will accompany your dear little blond head into their dreams while the Folie d'Ours model will immerse them in the world of polar bears.

Because class is passed down from father to son, kill two birds with one stone by offering the Hanging Out in Pajamas template . To sleep well dressed and keep smiling even under the duvet, these are the right ingredients for an unfailing bond!

This year, the avalanche of gifts is placed under the sign of cheerfulness and sweetness. ARTHUR sets that are both comforting and elegant in 100% organic cotton or in Vosges flannel that offer maximum warmth. The icing on the cake ? Exclusive fancy patterns that are a bit quirky but always stylish that make the difference for a successful Christmas.

Our Gifts for Him

Our Gifts for Her

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