Are you more briefs or underpants?

In reality, many men have their old habits. We are here to make you take new ones and guide you. Today let's talk about the differences between briefs and underpants. You can then choose your favourite!


The cut is the first big difference you notice between the briefs and the men's boxer shorts . While briefs focus on support, boxer shorts are more conducive to freedom of movement.

Molding the buttocks and the private parts, the brief covers only the buttocks and has a specific yoke that envelops you. Support is therefore optimal for those who particularly need it, especially athletes and those who move a lot during the day.

But if this maintenance is an advantage for some, others may see it as a disadvantage. It's all a matter of taste! The feeling close to the body is indeed not suitable for everyone. And for many men, comfort comes first and foremost through freedom of movement. And that's where the boxer shorts, looser, take on all their importance. In addition, this light and pleasant men's underwear turns into an interior garment in its own right when the good weather arrives. The boxer shorts can also be used as pajama bottoms and can be transformed into nightwear that you wear to sleep. So are you more slip or underpants?


The elasticity of the material of the brief allows it to adapt perfectly to your curves and to stick to the skin, without tightening too much. The fiber used for the underpants, on the other hand, is much less elastic: the idea is to leave a space between the skin and the fabric, especially at the level of the thighs. On boxer shorts, only the waistband is elasticated for more comfort and this difference is essential for many men.

This is why those who do not like this tight contact between the underwear and the skin prefer to wear boxer shorts. And not to forget the maintenance, number

briefs, called jockstrap briefs, have an inner brief that is not too tight. This additional piece holds you without compressing thanks to a skilfully measured elasticity. On the other hand, those who prefer a frank and firm support will choose the shaping brief.

In this case, do you need to choose a different material between briefs and underpants? You probably know that cotton, the ideal material for underwear, is not naturally elastic. For this, cotton must be mixed with a synthetic fiber for more elasticity. The most used in the manufacture of fabric is elastane. Therefore, even if the material is not 100% natural, you can always choose cotton whether you prefer briefs or boxer shorts.


The slip covers only the buttocks and is comfortable to wear under rather tight pants. We therefore advise you to put it on under pants cut close to the body, such as slims.

Boxer shorts, on the other hand, fit better with looser pants. It could create unsightly creases in tight pants and cause discomfort, given its length and the fact that it is wider.

But we have a solution, the boxer offers a compromise between the two cuts. With the length of the underpants and the tight-fitting effect of the briefs, the boxer envelops you while adapting to all trouser cuts.


Many men easily choose between briefs and underpants, but boxers are a must for those who hesitate. Presenting practically the same length as the underpants, the boxer yet offers all the advantages of the brief. If you play sports and often wear close-fitting pants, boxers are a great option. Worn indoors, you will feel less naked than with briefs.

The boxer is also a cool and trendy underwear. Perfect compromise between the traditional brief and the wise boxer, it is invisible under all pants and lets your style express itself in broad daylight, without leaving a trace.

In all circumstances, always wear underwear that fits you. Avoid too tight models that could compress you. Take care of your underwear . Not to mention that underwear that is too tight or too loose is uncomfortable. Nothing worse to ruin your day. You now have all the cards in hand, it's time to make your choice!