Sleep in style: why put pajamas under the tree?

Why should the magic of the end of the year celebrations be ruined by the puzzle of Christmas presents? No need to look for the gift idea of ​​the century or to want to surprise your loved ones at all costs. Instead, bet on a safe bet that will please! This year, the pajamas are the piece to absolutely slip under the tree, for all the members of your family.

To stay warm

It's well known that for restful sleep, the nightwear you put on is essential. Ample just enough to leave you free to move because you know it, at night we move a lot. Available for the whole family, the Ours madness pajamas light up your nights with a touch of ice blue color and an irresistible polar bear print. Very useful for not shivering under the duvet during the coldest months, nothing like long-sleeved pajama pants in which to curl up with delight.

Another favorite that will please every time, the long pajamas that are not cold on the eyes will be the best nighttime companion for young and old with their orange-red top and their "British" look pants perfectly cut in a fabric checkered.

If you want to spoil a daddy hen and his champion seed, go for the ultra-warm Benjamin fleece model. This men's gift idea oozes elegance with its navy tartan bottom paired with a very soft long-sleeved top.

To be casual but stylish

For all the cool moms and dads and their damned rascals, there's no longer any question of choosing between style and well-being! Fashion is finally on the side of comfort. To add elegance to your bed, the long purple teddy pajamas warm up the cool nights and brighten up the sad mornings.

Layered with a shawl collar dressing gown and a pretty pair of matching slippers , thanks to the logan pajamas in fluffy tartan, you have the ideal look for spending warm days without neglecting your style.

Whether you are in a cuddly, adventurous or festive mood, at Christmas everything is allowed as long as the family spirit reigns. Offer color and joy with ARTHUR pajamas!

To match those we love, whatever the season

At the end of 2021, celebrate moments of complicity to laugh and smile together. You will have a mountain of memories to cherish to spend the new year in a good mood.

Pamper the men around you, husband, brother or darling dad as well as your whole family with matching pajamas. After opening all the Christmas gifts and all dressed in the same Full Teddy pajamas , take the traditional New Year's Eve photo that will be added to the family album.

You define the rules of your Family Club: an impeccable look with a well-dosed zest of humour. And here is a fine team that wins the prize for the best look at Christmas and for the rest of the year! In full comfort of course…

For all the moments in life when you want to feel good while keeping a foolproof style, the ARTHUR pajamas stand out as the garment par excellence to offer for the end of year celebrations. It's the perfect gift that combines business with pleasure! From breakfast to TV nights to days in the home office, our pajamas are so cozy you won't want to be without them. Who said that the Christmas gifts mission was complicated? Discover all our gift ideas for a successful Christmas.

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