How to choose the right pajamas for women?

If for you sleep is crucial and you dream of nights that improve your well-being, you are certainly looking for pajamas that guarantee quality sleep. ARTHUR is there to support you in your selection. We give you some advice to make the best choice.

Comfort rhymes with quality sleep

The question of comfort is essential for good sleep and most studies on the subject address this point. Several factors are essential for peaceful sleep. First of all the quality of your bedding, but also the choice of pajamas in which you will spend at least 8 hours in a row! Comfortable pajamas meet the real needs of the body according to the seasons. In winter, for example, the body must be perfectly insulated from the cold to promote restful sleep. And on the contrary, in summer, the pajamas must maintain a certain freshness with suitable fabrics. Discover without further delay our latest models of women's pajamas .

At ARTHUR, we have chosen cotton for some of our models, a fiber with multiple advantages. It is first of all a hypoallergenic fiber: a real asset for sensitive skin. Then, the contact of the cotton with the skin is incredibly soft and silky. You can snuggle up in it and sleep in peace without worrying about anything else. Another advantage is that cotton is renowned for being a durable and resistant fabric despite frequent washing. It washes and dries easily in the machine, as many times as necessary.

And why not organic cotton? In addition to all the advantages of classic cotton, organic cotton preserves the planet with a cultivation and production process that is more respectful of the environment.

An elegant and comfortable fit

The cut also determines the comfort of women's pajamas. In summer, you will be very comfortable with a short model, consisting of shorts and a short-sleeved top. In winter, a more classic cut with trousers and a long-sleeved button-up shirt will be better suited to lower temperatures.

Now, on to the advice. First of all, avoid pajamas that are too tight at the armpits and shoulders for the top and the crotch and waist for the bottom. Skimpy pajamas limit your movement, which is anything but pleasant at night. You risk waking up every time you change your position. Obviously, it is out of the question to fall back on pajamas that are too large. Certainly, comfort is essential, but do not sacrifice your pace. ARTHUR offers you many models with a comfortable fit that give you style.

Choose trendy pajamas

Pajamas are much more than sleepwear. It is a piece that holds a special place in your wardrobe and should be chosen according to its personality.

The Ampoule long pyjamas , with their all-over printed bottoms showcasing pretty multicolored garlands and their long-sleeved top with the inscription "Lumineuse", will make you shine until dawn. Sparkling, this model, dominated by blue and ivory, has an adjustment cord in addition to its elasticated waistband. Comfort and ease of donning guaranteed!

Does the jogging-inspired cut suit you more? The Belle de Nuit model will give you the impression of being at the weekend every day. Its navy color and two-tone inscription give it a decidedly elegant look. This model is made of modal cotton, a fiber particularly recommended for spending the winter warm. This model also exists in its version pajamas for men, to match with your companion. Of course, these are only an overview of the different ARTHUR models. Browse our collections to find the rare pearl that you will have a hard time leaving when you get out of bed.

If you are still hesitating, we have a pajama collection for women to compose . Simply combine comfort and style and you will find the perfect piece by choosing the pajama top and bottom of your choice. Be rigorous about the material, the cut and of course the design of your pajamas. We prefer to warn you, with ARTHUR pajamas your nights will never look the same again!