Retour à l'école

To get the new school year off to a good start, head to the children's wardrobe, this is the best time to sort it out. It would be a shame to catch cold with too short pajamas or socks with holes.

At ARTHUR, the Back to School collection has been specially made to meet the pajamas and underwear needs of our children.


The Back to School collection is pajamas, but also boxers for children. Like adults, children need maximum comfort when it comes to underwear. They play, run, jump, climb the slides. They experience many emotions at the start of the school year!

At ARTHUR, unpleasant materials that cause irritation, allergies or bad smells, very little for us, and especially not for our children! We favor organic cotton, a soft and natural fiber, allergen-free. Contact with the skin is infinitely soft and for optimal support, the fabric is made of 90% organic cotton combined with elastane, the other ideal fiber for boxers. In addition to the material, the comfort of all the pieces in this children's collection is based on a cut that is neither too tight nor too wide, which perfectly matches your child's morphology. Balance designed to combine support and freedom of movement. Select boxers that fit him and also avoid underwear that is too tight, which will tend to promote chafing.

Regarding the patterns, we thought about the different personalities. As for the adult collection, the ARTHUR children's boxers offer a wide choice of patterns that are out of the ordinary, always in varied and offbeat themes, dear to the brand: the ARTHUR bear, Gogo the monkey, a constellation of cups, a cocorico print, bicycles, smileys, cows... There's something for everyone! And if your child prefers solid colors, no problem. We also offer monochrome models, also equipped with an elasticated waistband for maximum comfort.


Quality sleep is essential for the development of our children and it can be as simple as wearing the right pajamas to sleep. Our winter pajamas are made up of a top and trousers that go down to the bottom of the ankles, to protect your child from drafts and therefore from potential cold snaps. In summer, the ARTHUR short pajamas are ideal with their t-shirt and shorts to feel light. Pajamas also help you fall asleep because feeling comfortable in comfortable sleepwear helps you get into deep sleep quickly and stay there for a long time without interruption.

Our Back to School collection therefore naturally includes children's pajamas , the perfect outfits for your little one to have a good night's sleep. Our teams of stylists offer a very wide choice of models, each more fun than the next. There is something for every taste ! Like our collection of men's pajamas and that of women's pajamas, the children's collection is distinguished by modern colors as well as fun patterns and inscriptions that are sure to brighten up their nights.

We think about your finances, ARTHUR offers you good plans for shopping Back to School while making reasonable expenses. Take advantage of our free delivery from 120€ of purchase. Our loyalty program will also reward you: accumulate points as you shop and then convert them into a voucher.