5 good reasons to wear slippers | Article

Wearing slippers is no longer corny! It's actually quite the opposite since telecommuting has become essential and homewear has become as chic as it is practical. There are many reasons to put them on as soon as we set foot in the house. ARTHUR men's and women's slippers have something to seduce you. Style, fun, comfort and a variety of shapes to suit all tastes, with this new essential everyday accessory, your feet will thank you!

For the cleanliness of your interior

As in Japan and in most Asian countries where it is the custom, we take off our shoes when entering. It's clean! Say goodbye to bacteria, external dirt and other unsavory dust…Because under our shoe soles hide more than 400,000 bacteria, some of which are rather dangerous to health. Who wants to invite all this little world to their home? So if you want to prevent these bacteria from becoming encrusted in your cozy nest, it is better to quickly abandon your shoes once you have passed the front door step and slip your feet into clean and elegant slippers, like our model in black velvet or stuffed taupe wool .

For convenience, of course!

It's still better than hanging around barefoot! For you and for your guests, a good pair of slippers will bring you softness and well-being in a snap. Like our Nomade in France or Logan mules , quickly put on, quickly adopted! The little extra? Our slippers are also there to protect you against small domestic injuries: a corner of furniture that is a little too sharp, toys lying around on the floor or even spilled liquid that could cause you to slip... The slipper will become your best friend.

It even seems that we would be more productive by being relaxed, so when will wearing slippers be compulsory even in the office? Suggest the idea to your boss by offering him an ARTHUR pair, he may well succumb to the comfort of our Out of Office mules ...

To not catch a cold

When you have cold feet, your blood vessels constrict. Your blood flow slows down and this prevents you from fighting certain viruses effectively. Keeping your feet warm prevents you from drafts, contact with poorly insulated or cold ground, and therefore preserves your immune system.

In any season, the slipper is there to help you spend pleasant cocooning days, cozy evenings that you won't want to see end. The must-have obviously remains our ultra-desirable men's slippers made in France, in gray wool highlighted with a bright red border. Simple, timeless, effective all the way!

For a foolproof style

In addition to pampering your feet, our men's slippers bring you an undeniable extra of style. Color, joyful exclusive patterns, varied and always elegant models, this is the ARTHUR signature. Our advice: have a pair of slippers for each period of the year. In summer, nothing better than slippers open at the back, which let your feet breathe, like the Apéro slippers , with a festive pattern. A little Spritz, anyone? In winter, switch to slippers whose lined interior won't leave your feet cold!

To keep your socks longer

Yes, by protecting them from friction on the ground, you extend the life of your socks. By dint of walking in socks at home, you get them dirty and you wear them out much faster. Invest in a pair of slippers, it will allow you to consume much less socks throughout the year, and not to dirty your sofa either during your TV evenings. Our model of Cocoeurico slippers will surely make people envious, your significant other will surely risk stealing them from you...

Slippers are a safe bet for lazing around at home, reading a book, doing long video calls with the office... At ARTHUR, we are specialists in foolproof comfort, colorful patterns to inject good humor and lightness into your daily life, but also models of slippers for men that adapt to all personalities. Slippers, yes, but all in style.

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